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About Kristen

Born and raised (and perhaps somewhat biased) in what I've come to realize as one of the greatest places to live, MD+ DE Eastern Shore is not just home, but family. Personally having been impacted by our strong sense of community and loyalty to local businesses, I'm constantly in awe over the power of good people serving one another and the importance of feeling a sense of 'home'.

Raised in the industry and an area heavily at the whims of the housing market, I've experienced firsthand the highs/lows associated with such important financial decisions and know the responsibilities exceed not just a one-time purchase but a long-term relationship and commitment. I am committed to serve alongside you during every step of this crazy exciting process and owe you the compassion and excellence that it requires! I love this community which is why I'm as passionate about helping you take advantage in all that it offers and finding you the sense of 'home' you've been looking for!